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Trivandrum Developmental Screening Chart (TDSC)

by Dr. Mandar V. Bichu
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  • Trivandrum Developmental Screening Chart (TDSC) is a simple tool to assess early developmental delay and practically requires no training.
  • TDSC uses major developmental milestones from birth to 2 years, which give us a fair idea whether baby’s physical and mental development is falling within the normal limits.
  • This chart stacks 17 common developmental milestones with respective range of age (in months) when each milestone is usually achieved.
  • To use this, simply hold a finger or a pencil vertically on the figure denoting the baby’s age. (For example if the baby is eight months old then hold the pencil straight on the mark denoting that age.)
  • The milestones that are now falling to the left of that vertical pencil/finger should be achieved by your baby. The milestones falling on the right side are still some time away to be achieved.
  • If your baby is not achieving the milestones as per the chart guidelines, then a specialist opinion needs to be sought immediately.

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