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How can I use Tele-Health services?

by Dr. Mandar V. Bichu
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Use of technology in improving access to medical expertise and furthering global community health are the aims of Tele-Health.

Tele-Health brings to you the opportunity to communicate with medical experts from different fields and get information, education and personalized consultation on important health and lifestyle issues, right from the comforts of your home or office.

You can avail of Tele-Health services in following manners through Right Parenting website.

A) To arrange a Free Community Health Webinar:

If you are planning to arrange a health-lifestyle guidance webinar for a community association, a corporate company or a nursery/school/college, our medical experts will be happy to offer free guidance sessions as per mutually convenient schedules.

Some of the topics offered are:
1. Covid-19 Pandemic: Basic Care & Prevention
2. Covid-19 Pandemic: Care of Children’s Health
3. Cyberworld & Gadgets- Do-s & Don’ts
4. Healthy Family Nutrition
5. First Aid: Understanding the basics
6. Stress Management
7. Exams: How to prepare well without stress?
8. Positive Discipline For Kids
9. Understanding Teenagers

If any other specific health or lifestyle topic is to be covered, then it can be conveyed, and we will try and oblige.

B) To enroll for Parenting courses

Parenting is the most important factor determining health and lifestyle of new generation. With working parents, nuclear families, fast lifestyles, increasing consumerism and invasion of technology, the modern urban parenting has become quite complex and challenging.

The traditional, time-bound pediatrician consultations do not focus on parenting challenges, and then, the parents typically gather their parenting concepts from family, friends, books, internet and dubious Parenting Gurus.

Our Parenting Courses- (a paid service)- are specially designed for parents of children in various age-groups and delivered by Dr. Mandar V. Bichu, a renowned pediatrician with nearly three decades of international experience, and an author, blogger, journalist, innovator, communicator and community health educator.

You can check out more details in this Blog.

C) To get personalized Online Consultation:

Online Consultation is a safe, effective and time-saving option to obtain expert consultation without visiting a crowded clinic or a hospital.

Technology has made it possible now for you to get the best possible health and lifestyle expert advice right from the comfort of your living room. Right Parenting experts will offer Tele-Video consultations on non-emergency, non-clinical health and lifestyle issues.

Some of the popular inquiries in these online consultations (a paid service) are as follows:

1. Care of the newborn and infant
2. Feeding methods (Breastfeeding, Bottlefeeding, Weaning)
3. Growth & Development of Children (Underweight, Overweight, Short stature, Not gaining weight)
4. Child Behaviour, Habits & Discipline
5. Immunization schedules
6. School-related issues
7. Teenage Troubles
8. Exam Stress
9. General Stress
10. Healthy Nutrition (Balanced diet, Managing Picky Eaters)

If you want to schedule an online consultation, please book your appointment by getting in touch through the following form.

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