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CPR in a Child (1- 8 years)

by Dr. Mandar V. Bichu
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Steps for Child CPR

  1. Tap and Shout. Yell for help. Call an emergency number or have someone else do it.
  2. Check if the child is unresponsive, not breathing or gasping.
  3. Give 30 Chest Compressions
  • You can use one or two hands: For one-handed compressions, press down hard and fast on the center of the chest using the heel of your hand
  • For two-handed compressions, push down hard and fast on the center of the chest with the heel of one hand and place the other over top
  • Push down about 2 inches deep, giving at least 100 compressions per minute
  • Allow for full chest recoil between each compression

4. Give 2 Rescue Breaths

  • Make sure the head is tilted back and the chin is lifted
  • Pinch the nose closed and cover their mouth with your mouth to form a complete seal
  • Blow inside the victim’s mouth for 1 second and look for their chest to rise
  • If the chest doesn’t rise, give another breath.

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